Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ooh June passed and I didn't write anything...

Adsense please go up!

So um today, I was asked to close the lid on the sharps container. Sorry, I cannot do that. High risk...

I don't know if the janitor was able to close it...

So, um, fantasy!

I want to eat!

I want to watch!

I want to shop!

But free!!


Omg I'm so evil

I want to be like that guy who's selling splash t-shirts, or paris hilton, they get giftfsleft and right...

Or like Kylie who gets star power audience to the caliber of Paris


So what improvement can I suggest for the workplace...

I've been thinking about it, and it's not like, snap, there's an idea, that's what I'm experiencing right now.

I mean, what do the patients want?

Well, one wants too much, like, oh, I want good food...the government this, government that... ok, his argument is valid, he's a citizen, but like, dude, this is what we have, take it or leave it...

Or maybe pattern it after a hospital back home, jetzen said, oh my, the food there, it's so delicious, they have chefs there, because the patients are high class and good food helps them heal, plus gives us a good image, which in turn gets more business

So why is it bland? So I imagine it, our patients eating delicious food... hmmm... kinda wasted because their mind is jyhygtjpui... or that's just my assumption... kinda unfair that people outside who are working their asses off and then they're eating their food while inside, the patients eat yummy food...hmmmmmmm

So maybe to increase the flavor a bit?

Can we push the dieticians, oh, make it nutritious, make it with fiber, make it delicious too

I mean, if the cook was great at cooking, then he would probably be hired by someone else

So yeah, it's not the dieticians, it's the cook.

So what else are the patients saying...

Well, before, they wanted football.... if we gave satellite football, will it give peace of mind? Yeah, they would be happy... but then, they would stay up late... so how do we make then sleep... make them so tired during the day, so that when it's time to sleep, they fall down and doze off...zzzzz.

Problem is, they're sedated... they're taking meds, so it's like, if they fall while exercising... it's gonna be my fault... but I mean, are they really sedated? Textbook says they are but they tolerated it already and I've seen them, they don't look like they're going to get an accident...

So what can we do?

Run around the garden???

Hmm... so no more smoking... what do I know... well, one movie, the guy who quit, he kept his mouth busy by always munching on something... So how do we wean them off smoking? omg I can already see it, can I have tambak, I want to smoke, how do I answer that... I say no, then they say, why no, I say, policy, then they say, what policy, no, I want smoke... how will I defuse that??? Hide I guess

Hmm I kinda like too the teeth ^_^

Sighh..... I feel like any moment, I'm gonna be forgotten... I run a simulation in my mind, if I were in your shoes, oh my goodness, this guy is like this! What a disgusting person...

I'm looking at Koala pictures and I want to hug a tree


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