Wednesday, May 22, 2013


I think I should follow the advice of co-worker. Always be happy. I think I should dumb myself down in order to survive so that I can focus on what really matters, to be happy ^_^

I feel so light now ^_^

Too much over thinking, too much scheming, too much planning, just become so weak pikachu and be happy.

I hate my mood swings.

So, things to do:

1. Cash - what to do with it?
2. Work - must go
3. Payments - for May and for June?
4. Luggage - what will I bring home? Or home is just the vacation destination now and I don't really need to bring that much?
 5. Pants - buy a proper pair of pants or just wash my pants? I think I need to wash it. And then iron it.

So I suddenly lost track why I'm going home. Why am I going home again?
Can't cancel now. So there may be something good coming out of this trip. Who knows.

I just don't like the heat outside. Peeling skin doesn't like it. A hat? An umbrella?

Ok take a bath ^_^ happy

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Music review, 2ne1 and Get Dumb

It reminds me of old songs, the piano part.

Can't figure out which song. I think it's from Britney's album. Yeah, it's Big Fat Bass.

Where's Dara??!!!

The songs they produce, it has to be something funny, that's what I feel. It's too serious, liek I know we get dumb and let loose but where's the fun part.

Like big fat bass, it's funny because it's big and fat.

And it's getting bigger!!!

Oh wait the title is Gettin' Dumb

I think I'm going to forget this new song. I like it, it's fine, but it won't make it in my playlist.

I can't sing to it... I like watch out for the dum dum

So idea is to take my words and make them rhyme, to turn them into songs, let me sing, I think I can do it ^_^

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

iPhone 5. How it will fight against all the other phones.

It wins in thickness. It's like the new Razr.

It wins in what else...

It loses in Megapixels. Well, it ties with some phones. It's still 8MP.

It loses in screen size. It has 4 inches. I guess, it's a matter of preference. Some people like to use their touch screen with one hand, some don't.

Really, if you want to use your phone with one hand, stick with a Nokia candybar... the width is just perfect.

Memory, it finally has 1GB RAM? Last year's phones already had 1GB.

Retina display... why is it that is has many pixels per inch but the resolution is still 1136 x 640...??

4G LTE... it's great, its the fastest, where I live, it's not yet here! So it's useless to me. Might as well stick to HSPA+...

Who will win against iPhone 5?

SONY! 12MP camera smartphones!



iPhone has dual core... so I guess they didn't go the quad core route...

It doesn't have bragging rights!

 Hmmm so what will happen?

Saturday, September 8, 2012


What happened to Android? Was rooting for it to win, with the promise that because it's free, it will be cheaper.

But current situation is, it's still expensive.

Samsung, I don't know why, even from the start, they are expensive.

Apply heat

Well, the building is turned over. For every day that's there's a delay, there's a penalty. Because the business could already be generating profit. That covers only the turning over of the building. First time I heard it, thought omg this is what you face as a contractor? After you count how many bags of cement, workers, crush the schedule, make sure the paint dries, make sure the cement dries before you let people stand on it, and then you're pressed for time, problems will arise, you have to deliver or else, the pressure!

So the building is now ours, but for every day that there's a delay... can it be like you're a business and you're being pressed for time to make this up and running to recoup back your investment the soonest? Samsung, they churn out so many phones it looks like it's they're so good at it, so maybe I'll be like Samsung and just do it.

Target date is to open before Galaxy IV comes out?

 Don't like talking like this. In no position to apply heat.

Wish to cheer, replete with pom poms

Go go go go open!


Thinking sometimes it's slapstick, like it's so unbelievable, so laughable, such confidence, don't understand but you see it, it's happening, what kind of budget did they have?

Like the dance moves, like the grandeur, how to apply as an extra??? It looks like so much fun, crowded, you need extras, I want to be one, I'll be at the back, no one will see me but I'm there!

Thinking, they date back to thousands of years, their gene pool has been refined for thousands of years, they're so many, they all look the same, but not the same, and this is what they love, I love it.

And they have fans!

Saw a genuine one who watched it for leisure.

So watched too.

Don't know why is this the star? Why not the guy behind him is the lead? Nose, jaw, hairy, sex appeal.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Just realized something again.

Google released Honeycomb so that it will the same version for tablets and phones.

But look at Microsoft. They made Windows RT and Windows Phone 8. Why not do it like Honeycomb and make one version for tablets and phones?

Do they see the RT version in more powerful tablets that if you ported it to a phone, the phone's hardware couldn't handle it?

Or is it so easy to make apps for both versions that it would be effortless to make one version for RT and one version for Phone 8?

As to the next iPhone being just called the new iPhone, not iPhone 5, it makes sense.

And then I have to wait for Sept. 18 until the full screen Motorola comes out?

And then Nokia, what will they announce? We already know what they're announcing.

It's like getting citizenship. You take the oath, and it's like, meh, you leave the building, not much fuss, because you've been living in the country for so long it's like you were living like a citizen anyway.

So, Motorola announces a sucky phone today, and then iPhone comes out, and then when everyone is talking about the new iPhone, Motorola comes back to the scene, trying to get attention with their edge-to-edge screen phone... People will notice? I think yes. But then, after that, they will still clamor for the iPhone, how the lines are so long, how it's being sold at outrageous prices on eBay, how it's an international version and next month, everyone around the world will be able to buy one locally...

And then the iPad Mini comes... so what will everyone fight this with?

The Nexus phones??? Where are they???

The Intel-Motorola phone??? Hurry!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Someone commented, so why not just put the speakers and microphone at the back, so that when you answer the phone, you just flip it.


That's brilliant!

Now full screen! No more need for a short bezel at the top.

So imagining, what if you put it on speakerphone, so you set the phone down with the glass side touching the surface. Gorilla glass can withstand scratches?

Or maybe it will be dual screen? the back side would look like a regular cellphone.

Or make it slide. So when you answer the phone, slide it up to get the speaker and the front facing cam.

Or put unsightly holes on the Gorilla Glass for the speaker, front camera and the speaker at the bottom.

I'm hoping it will be a rectangle. No rounded corners.

Just make it look exactly like the mock ups.

Or maybe the speaker is behind the glass. Muffled sound maybe...

Or that technology where the entire surface is the speaker. I think I read Moto saying something about that a while back.

Emo labs invisible speakers.

So what about the front cam?

Wait, so if you have the speaker as the whole screen... then everyone will hear the conversation? As opposed to the sound just reaching your ear.

So maybe it will be bundled with bluetooth earphones? Or just earphones?

Or the screen speaker can just select a spot on the screen, let's say, just a dot near the top so that when you hold the phone next to your ear, you can only hear the sound coming from there.

Yeah, maybe they can make it selective.


But how can you do it, the whole screen will vibrate and emit sound...

So front face camera...

Or maybe the emo layer is just at the same spot as where the speaker would be... but then, the sound will be tiny?

What about that lensless camera?

Oh oh oh!!

In an effort to change the way you use your mobile device, Motorola Mobility filed an interesting application to the US Patent and Trademark Office. Stating that it has found a way to create a “usable audio area” out of the screen of a mobile device, the hardware manufacturer aims to turn the touchscreen of your smartphone or tablet into a fully functioning speaker. The design would allow the user to hear audio both privately and in speakerphone mode.

So I want to know, was all this done just after Moto was bought?

Were they able to do that that quick?

Oh the lensless camera, I think it was a camera being sold without a lens lol so you have to buy a lens and you can choose which lens you want

Thought it was really lensless ^_^

Oh yeah, I bet it will be Jelly Bean.

 So there's no front camera?

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

AVG, no, I don't want to upgrade.

No, I don't want to restart.

No, I don't want to come back and see, you ruined my computer.

AVG, no, why did you update?!

Computer dies, what can I do, can I just live in a cloud so that you can't break that?

What do I need to back up now?

All the settings!!! My video game, they way I made it full screen, my printscreen files.

I hate backing up stuff.

Making doubles and triples.

All of these files, they can all just go.

Slow me down...

Maybe I should buy a Western Digital...

What for?

Maybe I should Raid.

Don't know Raid!

Buy a Western Digital and it's just lying there.

I know! Might as well use DVD's ^_^


4 Gigs each, fantastic.

Now I hate moving stuff just to make them nice and neat, to fit them inside a disc.

Do I do it now or when it's tool late, when AVG wreaks havoc.

Laziness!! Must overcome!!

What to prioritize?

Sexy pics?