Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Just realized something again.

Google released Honeycomb so that it will the same version for tablets and phones.

But look at Microsoft. They made Windows RT and Windows Phone 8. Why not do it like Honeycomb and make one version for tablets and phones?

Do they see the RT version in more powerful tablets that if you ported it to a phone, the phone's hardware couldn't handle it?

Or is it so easy to make apps for both versions that it would be effortless to make one version for RT and one version for Phone 8?

As to the next iPhone being just called the new iPhone, not iPhone 5, it makes sense.

And then I have to wait for Sept. 18 until the full screen Motorola comes out?

And then Nokia, what will they announce? We already know what they're announcing.

It's like getting citizenship. You take the oath, and it's like, meh, you leave the building, not much fuss, because you've been living in the country for so long it's like you were living like a citizen anyway.

So, Motorola announces a sucky phone today, and then iPhone comes out, and then when everyone is talking about the new iPhone, Motorola comes back to the scene, trying to get attention with their edge-to-edge screen phone... People will notice? I think yes. But then, after that, they will still clamor for the iPhone, how the lines are so long, how it's being sold at outrageous prices on eBay, how it's an international version and next month, everyone around the world will be able to buy one locally...

And then the iPad Mini comes... so what will everyone fight this with?

The Nexus phones??? Where are they???

The Intel-Motorola phone??? Hurry!


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