Tuesday, July 31, 2012

So, um, a business... you sell something, you put it, it's for sale, but if there's no one buying, there's no business


So yeah, you gotta have a buyer

So who's the buyer?

He's the one with the cash. She's the one with the money.

What do they want?

Like me, I need food, I need transpo, I need cellphone load... other than that... I need to enjoy!!!

So what do people do to enjoy?


It's like I'm thinking in loops. Even if I'm writing it down, it's not helping.

You could have a niche, like selling silver jewelry, but then, it's like, you need to reach a lot of people, because not everyone needs silver jewelry...

I've noticed I'm too pessimistic. I see the rent, I don't like it. I see the competition, and and I see their price, I'd rather buy from them than toil for a little profit. It's like, if you open a bar, yeah, you sell beer, your competition also sells beer, so you differentiate by events. It's like, you're the newest, coolest bar, and you've got beautiful people coming to you, that's perfect. But a year later, something new comes out, and everyone goes there...

And then I['m looking at that angel's burger... well, if we continued the beef imports, we could have gone that route, selling the beef cooked. But 22 Pesos and it's buy one take one? Plus can you imagine all the horrors, cause you're selling by volume, one of them is bound to go wrong...

So pessimistic, of course, no one's going to get salmonella...

Well... I don't see water refilling stations here... it's like it's all delivered...

Hmm what if I reversed  it.. I bring the shawarma that I know back home and bring it here lol it'll be like oh we copied the shawarma, and here, taste our copy, it has mayo ^_^


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