Sunday, September 2, 2012

Someone commented, so why not just put the speakers and microphone at the back, so that when you answer the phone, you just flip it.


That's brilliant!

Now full screen! No more need for a short bezel at the top.

So imagining, what if you put it on speakerphone, so you set the phone down with the glass side touching the surface. Gorilla glass can withstand scratches?

Or maybe it will be dual screen? the back side would look like a regular cellphone.

Or make it slide. So when you answer the phone, slide it up to get the speaker and the front facing cam.

Or put unsightly holes on the Gorilla Glass for the speaker, front camera and the speaker at the bottom.

I'm hoping it will be a rectangle. No rounded corners.

Just make it look exactly like the mock ups.

Or maybe the speaker is behind the glass. Muffled sound maybe...

Or that technology where the entire surface is the speaker. I think I read Moto saying something about that a while back.

Emo labs invisible speakers.

So what about the front cam?

Wait, so if you have the speaker as the whole screen... then everyone will hear the conversation? As opposed to the sound just reaching your ear.

So maybe it will be bundled with bluetooth earphones? Or just earphones?

Or the screen speaker can just select a spot on the screen, let's say, just a dot near the top so that when you hold the phone next to your ear, you can only hear the sound coming from there.

Yeah, maybe they can make it selective.


But how can you do it, the whole screen will vibrate and emit sound...

So front face camera...

Or maybe the emo layer is just at the same spot as where the speaker would be... but then, the sound will be tiny?

What about that lensless camera?

Oh oh oh!!

In an effort to change the way you use your mobile device, Motorola Mobility filed an interesting application to the US Patent and Trademark Office. Stating that it has found a way to create a “usable audio area” out of the screen of a mobile device, the hardware manufacturer aims to turn the touchscreen of your smartphone or tablet into a fully functioning speaker. The design would allow the user to hear audio both privately and in speakerphone mode.

So I want to know, was all this done just after Moto was bought?

Were they able to do that that quick?

Oh the lensless camera, I think it was a camera being sold without a lens lol so you have to buy a lens and you can choose which lens you want

Thought it was really lensless ^_^

Oh yeah, I bet it will be Jelly Bean.

 So there's no front camera?


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