Sunday, August 26, 2012


Playlist right now,

Pink - Blow me one last kiss.mp3

Maroon 5 - Payphone.mp3

Maroon 5 - Doin Dirt.mp3

Maroon 5 - Lucky Strike.mp3

I'm liking the new Maroon 5 album but some of their songs, I don't like.

Pink, first heard on Chicago radio.

Heard, bounced up and down immediately

Some of the new songs now, listen to them but not really got them... nice to listen to, but only on the radio

Like Gotye... what kind of a name is that? And then the song sounded clanky... but then wiki and now, it's interesting

Some of these new bands/groups, names are so random, and they're so many, don't remember them enough to search for them, but when you hear them again, oh yeah this is cool.

Like Cobra Starship Bucket Sleeves Hound Belt or whatever

This box, it grabs more attention than if I had the latest gadget or whatever smartphone. Like if you wanted to promote something, like if you're Aeropostale or Old Navy, and you've got the latest shirt or color or whatever that you want to sell, send someone out walking out with this box or Pizza Hut's and people will look at you, even if you walked aimlessly, like strolling around, or briskly walking, people will look at you, thinking, oh, he's got a pizza. You see them, and you kinda feel it, they want it too, like share it with me! ^_^


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