Wednesday, August 29, 2012

AVG, no, I don't want to upgrade.

No, I don't want to restart.

No, I don't want to come back and see, you ruined my computer.

AVG, no, why did you update?!

Computer dies, what can I do, can I just live in a cloud so that you can't break that?

What do I need to back up now?

All the settings!!! My video game, they way I made it full screen, my printscreen files.

I hate backing up stuff.

Making doubles and triples.

All of these files, they can all just go.

Slow me down...

Maybe I should buy a Western Digital...

What for?

Maybe I should Raid.

Don't know Raid!

Buy a Western Digital and it's just lying there.

I know! Might as well use DVD's ^_^


4 Gigs each, fantastic.

Now I hate moving stuff just to make them nice and neat, to fit them inside a disc.

Do I do it now or when it's tool late, when AVG wreaks havoc.

Laziness!! Must overcome!!

What to prioritize?

Sexy pics?


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