Saturday, September 8, 2012


What happened to Android? Was rooting for it to win, with the promise that because it's free, it will be cheaper.

But current situation is, it's still expensive.

Samsung, I don't know why, even from the start, they are expensive.

Apply heat

Well, the building is turned over. For every day that's there's a delay, there's a penalty. Because the business could already be generating profit. That covers only the turning over of the building. First time I heard it, thought omg this is what you face as a contractor? After you count how many bags of cement, workers, crush the schedule, make sure the paint dries, make sure the cement dries before you let people stand on it, and then you're pressed for time, problems will arise, you have to deliver or else, the pressure!

So the building is now ours, but for every day that there's a delay... can it be like you're a business and you're being pressed for time to make this up and running to recoup back your investment the soonest? Samsung, they churn out so many phones it looks like it's they're so good at it, so maybe I'll be like Samsung and just do it.

Target date is to open before Galaxy IV comes out?

 Don't like talking like this. In no position to apply heat.

Wish to cheer, replete with pom poms

Go go go go open!


Thinking sometimes it's slapstick, like it's so unbelievable, so laughable, such confidence, don't understand but you see it, it's happening, what kind of budget did they have?

Like the dance moves, like the grandeur, how to apply as an extra??? It looks like so much fun, crowded, you need extras, I want to be one, I'll be at the back, no one will see me but I'm there!

Thinking, they date back to thousands of years, their gene pool has been refined for thousands of years, they're so many, they all look the same, but not the same, and this is what they love, I love it.

And they have fans!

Saw a genuine one who watched it for leisure.

So watched too.

Don't know why is this the star? Why not the guy behind him is the lead? Nose, jaw, hairy, sex appeal.


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