Wednesday, May 22, 2013


I think I should follow the advice of co-worker. Always be happy. I think I should dumb myself down in order to survive so that I can focus on what really matters, to be happy ^_^

I feel so light now ^_^

Too much over thinking, too much scheming, too much planning, just become so weak pikachu and be happy.

I hate my mood swings.

So, things to do:

1. Cash - what to do with it?
2. Work - must go
3. Payments - for May and for June?
4. Luggage - what will I bring home? Or home is just the vacation destination now and I don't really need to bring that much?
 5. Pants - buy a proper pair of pants or just wash my pants? I think I need to wash it. And then iron it.

So I suddenly lost track why I'm going home. Why am I going home again?
Can't cancel now. So there may be something good coming out of this trip. Who knows.

I just don't like the heat outside. Peeling skin doesn't like it. A hat? An umbrella?

Ok take a bath ^_^ happy


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