Thursday, April 18, 2013

Music review, 2ne1 and Get Dumb

It reminds me of old songs, the piano part.

Can't figure out which song. I think it's from Britney's album. Yeah, it's Big Fat Bass.

Where's Dara??!!!

The songs they produce, it has to be something funny, that's what I feel. It's too serious, liek I know we get dumb and let loose but where's the fun part.

Like big fat bass, it's funny because it's big and fat.

And it's getting bigger!!!

Oh wait the title is Gettin' Dumb

I think I'm going to forget this new song. I like it, it's fine, but it won't make it in my playlist.

I can't sing to it... I like watch out for the dum dum

So idea is to take my words and make them rhyme, to turn them into songs, let me sing, I think I can do it ^_^


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