Wednesday, August 29, 2012

AVG, no, I don't want to upgrade.

No, I don't want to restart.

No, I don't want to come back and see, you ruined my computer.

AVG, no, why did you update?!

Computer dies, what can I do, can I just live in a cloud so that you can't break that?

What do I need to back up now?

All the settings!!! My video game, they way I made it full screen, my printscreen files.

I hate backing up stuff.

Making doubles and triples.

All of these files, they can all just go.

Slow me down...

Maybe I should buy a Western Digital...

What for?

Maybe I should Raid.

Don't know Raid!

Buy a Western Digital and it's just lying there.

I know! Might as well use DVD's ^_^


4 Gigs each, fantastic.

Now I hate moving stuff just to make them nice and neat, to fit them inside a disc.

Do I do it now or when it's tool late, when AVG wreaks havoc.

Laziness!! Must overcome!!

What to prioritize?

Sexy pics?

Sunday, August 26, 2012


Playlist right now,

Pink - Blow me one last kiss.mp3

Maroon 5 - Payphone.mp3

Maroon 5 - Doin Dirt.mp3

Maroon 5 - Lucky Strike.mp3

I'm liking the new Maroon 5 album but some of their songs, I don't like.

Pink, first heard on Chicago radio.

Heard, bounced up and down immediately

Some of the new songs now, listen to them but not really got them... nice to listen to, but only on the radio

Like Gotye... what kind of a name is that? And then the song sounded clanky... but then wiki and now, it's interesting

Some of these new bands/groups, names are so random, and they're so many, don't remember them enough to search for them, but when you hear them again, oh yeah this is cool.

Like Cobra Starship Bucket Sleeves Hound Belt or whatever

This box, it grabs more attention than if I had the latest gadget or whatever smartphone. Like if you wanted to promote something, like if you're Aeropostale or Old Navy, and you've got the latest shirt or color or whatever that you want to sell, send someone out walking out with this box or Pizza Hut's and people will look at you, even if you walked aimlessly, like strolling around, or briskly walking, people will look at you, thinking, oh, he's got a pizza. You see them, and you kinda feel it, they want it too, like share it with me! ^_^

Friday, August 24, 2012


Here's my evil side manifesting itself.

Don't you get it, it's either yes or no, no matter what you do, you're getting nothing, you're getting zilch, in the remote possibility that I'm favored, there's nothing for you.

No matter what you do. I am extremes, and the extreme is absolute zero.

As for me, I feel I've been cast aside already. There was a glimmer of hope that I got lucky and chanced upon a favorite movie. I watched that a long time ago, and I still like it. I'm a cat person. So I didn't even think something would happen, because I when I saw it, I thought, oh, cats!

So I'm already gone because I pushed too much, I like sex too much, I have too much gone uncontrollable, and when I sensed it, and I wanted to change, to pretend I'm good, to save it, too late, I think, even if I turned the volume down, tarnished already, even if I became good, I'm always bad because look at what I keep doing, flagrant disregard.

So there's nothing for you and nothing for me, either.

Bunch of leeches.

If you hadn't been sucking up to me, I would've stayed pure, I would have stayed happy, watching cats, singing, playing video games. But no, you had to get involved, had to butt in, always sweetening up to me. I hated it.

It takes one to know one. So I saw you. Yeah, a part of me is an ass-sucker too, I am a leech too, I am greed personified, I am evil because all I want is for personal gain. I know because I'm one. But you know what? I kept quiet. I enclosed myself because I know how horrible I am. I am very effective in concealing, in lying, in being so fundamentally true, that I can dance like I don't care, that I can sing like it's all about me, that I can do whatever I want. So yeah, I really hate being fake.

Oh my goodness I just want to watch cats. My goodness. I need to correct this. Purge this out. I need to do what I need to do, and I need to do it without associating it with you.

What a costly mistake. Instead of being set for life, it's gone.

I've got some massive erasing to do. Like if I were rubber, I'd have to be the blue, rough kind, big, that erases ink. I've got to think of a really convincing metaphor to start fresh. Like I really need to reach rock bottom and go up. Or a complete reformat. Or a new hard drive. Like I have to hit my head on a rock, sustain amnesia, and forget. Like I have to do chemotherapy, clean out the bad blood... none of it is working.

So that's why I was gravitating towards the leaving, because that's one way of a complete restart.

But no, I was asked, so I stay.

I need to forgive. Or I need to cross it out. Or I need to quarantine this bad sector. It's ridiculous. Nothing I think of is feasible enough to be a solution.

Hmm... maybe a divorce. I don't know what it feels like. There's crying.

Or I kill this evil side and be half dead. Only the good half living.

Hmm... mooch or fake ass bitch... that's what I Googled. Pretending to be nice if there is something to be gained. So the idea is to keep the something to be gained and lose the pretenders.

How the heck do I shake off pretenders?

Oh yeah, when I was planning my departure, oh my goodness, even that, why do you even make it a point to know. Oh my goodness. I gotta make it a point to make my stressors mind their own business.

There is nothing anymore, I'm discarded already, I'm a has-been, I am past tense, I was last season's fashion, I am a Nokia 3210, I am stale, I am rotten, I have mildew, I'm a one year old panty. Unless you know something that I don't know, that's why you're still mooching. Curiosity in me is finished.

Oh my goodness, gotta think like my stars and face the hate like they do.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

So Nokia will come up with a new phone. It used to be, before, if you wanted to be the best, if you wanted to have the status, you buy the latest Nokia. But now, not anymore. You could buy a Lumia but it doesn't have the same effect. The last phone that did this was the N8. That phone looked high tech. But the new Lumia, it looks like... an iPod Nano. It doesn't look like the definitive, No. 1 phone.

The problem is, it's not an iPhone. Well, let's wait and see. Apps, does it have any, or will it be like Bada or some other obscure phone OS.

Wow, cool, it can detect if it was moved ^_^

So the S3 is not a threat. It's Apple. But still, Nokia still has to come up with something that will compete with S3. Or, if Samsung is productive, a newer Galaxy. I imagine the Nokia to have a big screen, 4G, Megapixels, what else...

If Nokia had Android, then I would view it as big as the Galaxy.

I'm reading these phones from China, they're waterproof. That's awesome. Not only are they cheaper, they're also waterproof.

How many cores will Nokia have? I don't really care about cores but for people, they buy it for bragging rights. People buy phones to be the best and they buy quad core.

Well, knowing Nokia, they will probably put out an underwhelming phone... like with specs that are not outstanding.

Unless it's a PureView


So Windows 8 with PureView. Now that's interesting...

People will buy and the PureView will be extra. It's like those who bought the 808 because it has 41 megapixels. Now, people will buy this because not only is it Windows Phone 8, they also get a digital camera.

It's a matter of when... when will Windows Phone 8 have PureView

If that new phone will have a 41 megapixel camera, people will talk about it. It has bragging rights.

41, it's like, is that a joke, is that real, how big will it be, 10MB each pic? Will it be slow? I open big jpgs and they are slow, and if you edit with them, it makes my computer crash.

The feeling I felt when I first discovered PureView was, hmm, what's this, why did they choose to showcase PureView with Snow, do I want to see the detail of the snow? It's just the same texture, I can't really distinguish the small particles of snow, some are see through...
And then the sample pictures of the rock climber... um, no sex appeal...

If I were to take 41 megapixels, I want to see everything. That should be their tagline. Like a spy, take pictures, and then even if it's so small, you could see it.

I mean, they could have started at 12MP, like the N8, and then made it 16MP... and the next logical increment is 20... but 41? That's like, it shows desperation, or like, something is wrong, why did they do that, is Nokia really dying that they had to do something extreme? And 41 isn't a cool number... it's no one's favorite number... They could have called it 20MP and we wouldn't really care, as long as the pictures area great, you snap it, it's not blurry. That's what I want, not megapixels.

Oh yeah, I was so tired last night, but I wanted to stay awake, and I love moments like that when you are so tired and you fall asleep, and you're half awake, and you get delusions, like dreams, it's like I'm thinking you're on drugs but no, you're just sleepy, it was entertaining because I was dreaming things that made sense there but after you wake up, oh, it's not so important. So anyway, I dreamed of a phone that's like a Polaroid, where you can print out small sticker pictures. So that would be cool. If they had a phone like that, I think it will be a hit. Who cares if it's fat. It will be fun. I imagine the teens taking pics and then printing it out and then giving it to their friends ^_^

I mean, they could start with black and white. Hmm, well, that's a start, and then figure out colored stickers later. Like those portable ticket machines. You board a bus, you buy a ticket, it comes of a portable handheld device... we have that in some buses.

So yeah, instead of printing out text, it will print out a face hehehe but it's will be blurry...

Still fun though, nothing like we've ever seen now.

OK I'm waiting for Moto to do this.

So anyway, I want a camera that's like my eye. I could look at it, it's clear, when I look closer, I can see the details, when I move my head, things are still clear. I don't want blurry pics.

So Xiaomi made an 8 megapixel, dual core phone and made tons of money. Why can't Nokia do that?

Hmm HP is acting up. I know laptop is past warranty, but no, HP, I want to keep it, why you design it to break after 1 year?

So anyway, back to phones. It all boils down to how many megapixels it has and if it has dual or quad core... so that's the basis for bragging rights?

Friday, August 10, 2012

So I feel dizzy now..


Need more blood volume so that I can digest and not feel dizzy...

Anyway, I'm happy with Prince of Persia ^_^

I think I'm going to play it.

I installed Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite on the PSP too...

But I played it and it kinda lost my attention after a few minutes.

I'll try it again.

I hate how after alt-tabbing to desktop from games, it messes up my icons. The resolution is whacked.

And my laptop, oh my goodness, why does it keep fanning, like the fan is spinning and needs to catch up on the heat generated.

The big electric fan I have, its drying my eyes.

Anyway... um gotta brush my teeth.

Monday, August 6, 2012

So uhhh...


So uh in another topic... gotta not think of this

What should I do...

I need to pay attention during the start!!!

I gotta reset and think like I'm new.

I'm getting too comfortable.

I gotta behave like I'm supposed to, instead of doing what I want.

Like stop with the computer and listen.

Pay attention.

So what do I need to do right now, I need to write something.

Hmm I feel like I have time tomorrow, so I'll do it tomorrow. I tried writing it, but I fell asleep.